We offer competitive rates and terms.

Do you need funding for your projects?


  • 80% and 100% funding Options
  • As low as 2% origination fees
  • As low as 12% interest rates
  • Monthly payment and no monthly payment options
  • Max loans term – 24 months
  • Bridge loans
  • 1st and 2nd loan positions


  • No credit needed
  • No experience needed

Need A Partner?

If you want to ensure a smooth, successful entry and exit strategy, we will partner with you! If you are a little inexperienced and unsure about tackling your next investment project alone, we bring 15 years experience tot he table and form a partnership.

Why You Should Use REI Funds

  • 15+ years of experience in real estate investing
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Discounts on deal analysis and design consultation
  • Assistance with budget analysis
  • Access fo our contractors and vendors resulting in discounts on labor and materials
  • Discounted realtor fees and commissions
  • Access to our discounted attorneys and title companies

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